Gasthaus Kuglhof

Kuglhof is one the most quaint places to reside for a meal, especially during the quiet hours of Friday lunch time. It is on the outskirts of town (near the Hangar-7), so good location for days which you are transferring to the airport.

It it situated in the middle of fields, the backdrop grandeur of the Untersberg mountains behind, make this feel even more cosy. The decorations are tastefully seasonal, and the menu is quite extensive, presenting traditional dishes in slightly more fancy manor.

On this particular Friday afternoon, this dish was on the daily lunch menu. It was Topfenschmarrn, which is very similar in look and taste to Kaiserschmarrn, but it uses Topfen (Quark) instead. This gives it a more flan-like texture, and in this particular case, didn’t pick up the butter crispiness in the same way. It was served with cherry jam – a lovely change from the usual puree, and the sour and sweet dual flavour that came out of this complimented the plain taste of the pancake. The added fruit and icing sugar was a great touch, giving this dish overall variation and combinations of great flavours.

Although I would opt for the original Kaiserscharrn over Topfenschmarrn, I truly liked Kuglhof’s take on the dish, and would happily embrace a Friday Topfenschmarrn afternoon again!

See the website here.


Berggasthof Höllenstein in Wagrain

On the weekend, two of my friends came to visit for a short break. Starting in Salzburg on the Friday, they explored the city (stopping for a coffee must Café Tomaselli) and exploring the many beautiful cathedrals. With ski season still in full swing in Austria, we went to Wagrain on the Saturday, and after a long morning of skiing, I introduced them to Kaiserschmarrn. Keen to try the desert, and very hungry, we stopped in a hut half way down a gentle red slope, called Berggasthof Höllenstein.


We mistakenly ordered our savoury dishes at the same time as the Kaiserschmarrn, taking the risk that the dish might be cold by the time we got round to sharing it. Rookie error for any Kaiserschmarrn eater.

The gasthof offered either apple or plum sauce, of which we chose plum. The dish was a good portion, nice sized pieces and generous icing sugar dusting  – however the  pancake itself was quite dry and too solid. The lack of raisins meant there was nothing to break up or add variation to the texture, and often raisins can help add moisture to Kaiserschmarrn. Never-the-less, it was devoured by the three hungry skiers, and the sugar pick up helped to boost energy to combat the rest of the slope.

Satisfied and ready to go, we set off again and enjoyed a great rest of weekend devouring many more Austrian treats at Zirkelwirt , Stadt Café and M32, before they travelled onto Vienna where they sampled the famous Sacher Torte.


Zirkelwirt in Salzburg

Two of my longest friends came to visit me in Salzburg last weekend. It was so good to show them around and re-discover that initial wonder for this beautiful city. Of course, tasting Austrian cuisine was high on the agenda for the weekend…Kaiserschmarrn was a priority.

We headed to Zirkelwirt, a very cosy and quaint, traditional restaurant in old town. I have been here several times before, and the atmosphere, food, and experience has always been great. You could stay just for a drink, just for desert or have a full blown meal, all amidst charming decor (wooden panels, warm lighting and winter style decorations).

The Kaiserschmarrn here comes with apple puree, there was only just enough for the dish for those who like a lot of sauce, but it had a tangy, pungent but palatably sweet flavour. The pancakes themselves were chunky and fluffy. No smaller or crispier pieces, but the dough was soft and the outsides were slightly crispy. The raisins were few and far between, and icing sugar dusting was tasteful! Overall a great Kaiserschmarrn experience to give my friends as a first taste.

I’d definitely recommend Zirkelwirt as a must in Salzburg, not just for Kaiserschmarrn. Check out the website here.




Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt

The week before Christmas, I spent an evening in St. Wolfgang, strolling around the Christkindlmarkt with Glühwein and having a lovely dinner on the boat which drives around the lake.

After several delicious courses to eat, the Kaiserschmarrn was served, just as the boat started on it’s journey round the lake. I particularly liked the small pots the plum jam was served in, and was glad that the portion size of pancake wasn’t too big. The raisins were neatly inclosed in the fluffy pieces, and provided a succulent burst to each block of pancake.

This dish was perfect for the end of the meal, anything more would have been wasted as we had already eaten plenty before.

I would love to come back on this boat in the day time – or on a night where the lake wasn’t submerged in thick cloud, to enjoy Kaiserschmarrn when I was truly hungry for it, and enjoy the wondrous view of the lake outside.

See more about the Wolfgangsee Schiffahrt here.

Edelweissalm in Obertauern

The ski season has begun, and Obertauern is a very popular ski resort in the region, offering good snow for the early season start.

After an early start, and a long mornings ski, we stopped at Edelweissalm for lunch.

The steaming Kaiserschmarrn was devoured quickly. A generous helping of icing sugar, with lots of raisins tasted delicious. The pancake itself was a bit dry, and lacked the different textures of fluffy big chunks, or small and crispy pieces.

Kaiserschmarrn always tastes better when served in a pan, and after skiing. Maybe next time we will opt for inside, but Edelweissalm was a welcome pit stop.

IMG_0961 (2).jpg

See website here.

Berghotel Predigstuhl

I spent a week out in the stunning St. Wolfgang. Towards the end of the week we were taken to Zwerchwand to participate in an afternoon in the mountains, on a high rope course. Check out the link here.  The height of the course was terrifying, but the sunset behind the mountains, the fire crackling in the mountain hut, and plenty of laughter made it totally worthwhile.

After we had finished the afternoon, we all descended into the Berghotel Predigstuhl where we had mulled wine, buffet food and most importantly, Kaiserschmarrn for desert.

As we were all so hungry after being outside all afternoon, I remembered to take a photo only after we had demolished a good helping of the dish.

The Kaiserschmarrn was served in a pan, which meant it was still piping hot as it came. The compote jam served alongside was generous, and whole plums in there meant it was very textured. The pancake was very doughnut-ty, and with plenty of small crispy pieces. The sugar was crunchy at first, before melting into the piping hot pancake.

IMG_1263 (1).jpg

As you can see, it went down very well. And after a busy day, the Kaiserschmarrn was a perfect end!

See website here.

Alpengasthof Dielalm

This was possibly the best setting for an afternoon coffee and Kaiserschmarrn yet.

It was a gorgous Sunday, and I went on an Autumn walk to Schloss Hohenwerfen (It is a 40min drive outside of Salzburg). This particular weekend it was closed for Winter season, but was beautiful with the gold and crimson Autumn colours.

After walking up to the castle, I wanted the view of the castle itself, so decided to drive up the mountain nearby. After a slightly precarious drive up the road come track, the woods opened up and Dielalm appeared. It is situated in a suntrap – and in the afternoon just as the sun was beginning to set, it was stunning. It has a small farm, with animals roaming round, lots of play things for the kids, and plenty space on the open terrace looking down the valley.

IMG_0844 (2).jpg

The Kaiserschmarrn came with apple sauce, which I really enjoyed (although I missed the different textures of plum jam – the apple was pureed and very smooth). The ratio of jam to pancake was quite big, but the moist pancake batter ensured that it didn’t become dry. If you like a slightly more eggy pancake mix, then this dish was great. And no raisins (for all the raisin haters)!

Dielalm is a definite recommendation for a quick espcape to the mountains by car, especially on a sunny day to be enjoyed on the terrace. It is a slight drive from Salzburg, but perfect for a weekend trip. Enjoying a view like that with your coffee and Kaiserschmarrn clears your mind before you delve back into Salzburg for the week!

See website here.

Hotel Gasthof Kamml

I come here quite regularly, and most of the time eat off the Tageskarte (daily menu). One sunny August lunch, Kaiserschmarrn was listed on the Tageskarte.

Sat outside beside the trickling stream, I batted away wasps as the dish arrived. One of the largest portions of Kaiserschmarrn, the pancake was quite thin – good if you like the more pancake, crispy, batter pieces, rather than those which are chunky and fluffy. The jam helping was generous, enough to have a helping with each mouthful (or enough to leave for the wasps if you prefer to not smother each piece in the sugary compote).

I unfortunately didn’t take a picture… but the day it arrives on the Tageskarte I will for sure tuck in again!

See the website here.

Cafe Mozartwinkel

The start of the Kaiserschmarrn story begins here.

The first weekend I set foot in Austria, wondering through the streets of Salzburg, I stumbled across a quaint courtyard off the busy Getreidegasse. Looking to try something ‘Austrian’ to eat along with my coffee, I looked over to a couple eating a sweet looking dish with compote. I pointed to it as the waiter asked me for my order.

And that was it, the Kaiserschmarrn love began.

Succulent raisins with a healthy portion of plum jam, there was plenty of icing sugar, and not too much pancake egg taste either, meaning this was a sweet helping.

The cafe is beautiful too. It is a quiet courtyard, the waiters leave you to enjoy the peaceful setting. And without many tourists stumbling across this, there were only a couple of lunch dates and some regulars sat at the coffee bar inside.

I would thoroughly suggest this for a cafe in the Old Town touristy area. It’s a nice retreat from a day of sightseeing and shopping;  you don’t have to deviate too far if you need to rest legs and have a sugar and caffine top up, and you feel as if you’ve found a hidden gem.

It doesn’t seem to have a website, but see it on TripAdvisor here.