Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt

The week before Christmas, I spent an evening in St. Wolfgang, strolling around the Christkindlmarkt with Glühwein and having a lovely dinner on the boat which drives around the lake.

After several delicious courses to eat, the Kaiserschmarrn was served, just as the boat started on it’s journey round the lake. I particularly liked the small pots the plum jam was served in, and was glad that the portion size of pancake wasn’t too big. The raisins were neatly inclosed in the fluffy pieces, and provided a succulent burst to each block of pancake.

This dish was perfect for the end of the meal, anything more would have been wasted as we had already eaten plenty before.

I would love to come back on this boat in the day time – or on a night where the lake wasn’t submerged in thick cloud, to enjoy Kaiserschmarrn when I was truly hungry for it, and enjoy the wondrous view of the lake outside.

See more about the Wolfgangsee Schiffahrt here.


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