5 Most Debated Things About Kaiserschmarrn

1. Is it a desert or a main course?!

It may be sweet, but who can really eat a whole plate of Kaiserschmarrn after a main course? Perhaps you had a salad…but let’s face it, you probably ate a Schnitzel, and therefore this whopping 600+ calorie desert isn’t exactly the light bite you were after.


2. Who makes the best Kaiserschmarrn?

Well, apparently everyone’s Grandma. No questioning.

‘Oma Kathi’ – Photo credit: Hener Sieger

3. Raisins or no raisins

The polarising topic. Nobody sits on the fence. Ask yourself, which side are you on?

4. It’s not just chopped up pancake

Most literal translations of a menu will write ‘chopped up pancake’, but does this do the dish justice? It’s more than a flat soggy pancake in bits with sugar and lemon, it’s chunky, fluffy, and comes with a full helping of sauce. Which brings us onto the final topic…

Gabühelhütte in Hochkönig 4.jpg
Gabühelhütte in Hochkönig

5. Apple or Zwetschgen (plum)

It’s always Apple or Zwetschgen (I’m sorry, but chocolate sauce is just not right). Does your heart leap for joy when it’s the pureed apple, or does your taste buds long for the chunky Zwetschgen?


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