Alpengasthof Dielalm

This was possibly the best setting for an afternoon coffee and Kaiserschmarrn yet.

It was a gorgous Sunday, and I went on an Autumn walk to Schloss Hohenwerfen (It is a 40min drive outside of Salzburg). This particular weekend it was closed for Winter season, but was beautiful with the gold and crimson Autumn colours.

After walking up to the castle, I wanted the view of the castle itself, so decided to drive up the mountain nearby. After a slightly precarious drive up the road come track, the woods opened up and Dielalm appeared. It is situated in a suntrap – and in the afternoon just as the sun was beginning to set, it was stunning. It has a small farm, with animals roaming round, lots of play things for the kids, and plenty space on the open terrace looking down the valley.

IMG_0844 (2).jpg

The Kaiserschmarrn came with apple sauce, which I really enjoyed (although I missed the different textures of plum jam – the apple was pureed and very smooth). The ratio of jam to pancake was quite big, but the moist pancake batter ensured that it didn’t become dry. If you like a slightly more eggy pancake mix, then this dish was great. And no raisins (for all the raisin haters)!

Dielalm is a definite recommendation for a quick espcape to the mountains by car, especially on a sunny day to be enjoyed on the terrace. It is a slight drive from Salzburg, but perfect for a weekend trip. Enjoying a view like that with your coffee and Kaiserschmarrn clears your mind before you delve back into Salzburg for the week!

See website here.


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