Kipferl in London

Even though I was only in London for a very brief visit, word got out that The Schmarrn Kaiserin was in town.

Half way through a day full of meetings, one of the others from the office had gone to Kipferl Café, located off Camden passage in Angel, to pick up takeaway Kaiserschmarrn. Even though he, nor most of the other guys in the UK office had never heard of the traditional Austrian dish before, everyone was intrigued by this dish and wanted in.

The Kaiserschmarrn came in these takeaway boxes (see picture) and I thought this rather hipster brown box was a great look for it. Despite it’s journey on a London bus, it arrived still warm. No compote, but with strawberries to garnish. The pancakes looked great, perfect array of torn sizes, and the portion size per box was good.

The taste and texture of the Kaiserschmarrn was amazing, the edges were crispy, middle gooey and fluffy. Ample raisins, plenty of icing sugar, and despite the lack of compote (I think may have been due to taking away), each mouthful was moist and absolutely delicious. There was a prominent vanilla taste (perhaps vanilla icing sugar was used) and a note of lemon, which gave it a flavorsome edge, a substitute the lack of fruit tang from the compote.


As this experience was completely out of the context of Austria, and I was dubious how this dish would taste in a London office setting. Usually Kaiserschmarrn flourishes when enjoyed in a mountain hut mid-hike. However the delightful taste and spot-on texture was first-rate, and put many other Kaiserschmarrns that I’ve tasted in Austria to shame.

So to anyone in London, living there or just visiting – go to Kipferl! Whether it be a lazy weekend Austrian style brunch, an dinner date with a difference, a special occasion for the biggest foodie in your life who is always wanting to try the latest dish – or, as proven by the guys in the office on this occasion – go and pick up a takeaway from Kipferl and experience the mid-meeting Kaiserschmarrn!


Check out the Kipferl website here, or visit the locations in Camden Passage or Golborne Road.

Stay tuned for the next blog post later in the week – another London special – giving you a rundown of what’s on offer in the city. If you are intrigued to taste more from the Austrian, German, Bavarian….the overall Kaiserschmarrn world of cuisine, then this one’s for you.


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