Zachhofalm in Hochkönig

Why go to a ski resort on a cloudy week in September? It’s not warm enough to enjoy summer hiking or biking, and of course no snow yet to ski.

Well, here’s why.


Zachhofalm is situated in one of Salzburgerland’s most popular ski areas – Hochkönig. It is a old Alm with a beautiful tale of two ladies who cared for the alm, the region, and explored the healing and health effects of nature’s produce that grew around them.

The Alm is now run by a young woman who is continuing to build upon this wonderful spirit – there is an extension which includes a seminar room and modern hotel-style rooms, many out-door bathing tubs and an open kitchen perfect for group cooking. Zachhofalm sources food as locally as possible, has an abundant herb garden, and prides itself with Vegan dishes (very unusual for a rural hut in Austria!).


We stayed up in Zachhofalm for one night and used the bright, airy, view-full conference room in the day. For the evening we went over to the main hut restaurant area which had a beautifully rustic open kitchen giving it an authentic homely feel.


Dinner was amazing. Vegan, flavoursome and all made from scratch: a salad with figs, wild mushrooms, walnuts, grapes and an amazing blueberry balsamic dressing.


Then on a bed of cabbage salad was Kärntner Nudeln or like a ‘Pasty’, filled with potatoes, onions and stinging-nettles.


And if you think dinner was impressive, look at breakfast!


But now onto the highlight. The Vegan Kaiserschmarrn with Apple-Elderflower-Berry Compote.


(For those who are not sure what Elderflower Berries are, they are these very dark blackcurrant-like berries).



Thankyou to all at Zachhofalm who made the stay so wonderful!



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