Berghotel Predigstuhl

I spent a week out in the stunning St. Wolfgang. Towards the end of the week we were taken to Zwerchwand to participate in an afternoon in the mountains, on a high rope course. Check out the link here.  The height of the course was terrifying, but the sunset behind the mountains, the fire crackling in the mountain hut, and plenty of laughter made it totally worthwhile.

After we had finished the afternoon, we all descended into the Berghotel Predigstuhl where we had mulled wine, buffet food and most importantly, Kaiserschmarrn for desert.

As we were all so hungry after being outside all afternoon, I remembered to take a photo only after we had demolished a good helping of the dish.

The Kaiserschmarrn was served in a pan, which meant it was still piping hot as it came. The compote jam served alongside was generous, and whole plums in there meant it was very textured. The pancake was very doughnut-ty, and with plenty of small crispy pieces. The sugar was crunchy at first, before melting into the piping hot pancake.

IMG_1263 (1).jpg

As you can see, it went down very well. And after a busy day, the Kaiserschmarrn was a perfect end!

See website here.


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