Berggasthof Höllenstein in Wagrain

On the weekend, two of my friends came to visit for a short break. Starting in Salzburg on the Friday, they explored the city (stopping for a coffee must Café Tomaselli) and exploring the many beautiful cathedrals. With ski season still in full swing in Austria, we went to Wagrain on the Saturday, and after a long morning of skiing, I introduced them to Kaiserschmarrn. Keen to try the desert, and very hungry, we stopped in a hut half way down a gentle red slope, called Berggasthof Höllenstein.


We mistakenly ordered our savoury dishes at the same time as the Kaiserschmarrn, taking the risk that the dish might be cold by the time we got round to sharing it. Rookie error for any Kaiserschmarrn eater.

The gasthof offered either apple or plum sauce, of which we chose plum. The dish was a good portion, nice sized pieces and generous icing sugar dusting  – however the  pancake itself was quite dry and too solid. The lack of raisins meant there was nothing to break up or add variation to the texture, and often raisins can help add moisture to Kaiserschmarrn. Never-the-less, it was devoured by the three hungry skiers, and the sugar pick up helped to boost energy to combat the rest of the slope.

Satisfied and ready to go, we set off again and enjoyed a great rest of weekend devouring many more Austrian treats at Zirkelwirt , Stadt Café and M32, before they travelled onto Vienna where they sampled the famous Sacher Torte.



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