Zirkelwirt in Salzburg

Two of my longest friends came to visit me in Salzburg last weekend. It was so good to show them around and re-discover that initial wonder for this beautiful city. Of course, tasting Austrian cuisine was high on the agenda for the weekend…Kaiserschmarrn was a priority.

We headed to Zirkelwirt, a very cosy and quaint, traditional restaurant in old town. I have been here several times before, and the atmosphere, food, and experience has always been great. You could stay just for a drink, just for desert or have a full blown meal, all amidst charming decor (wooden panels, warm lighting and winter style decorations).

The Kaiserschmarrn here comes with apple puree, there was only just enough for the dish for those who like a lot of sauce, but it had a tangy, pungent but palatably sweet flavour. The pancakes themselves were chunky and fluffy. No smaller or crispier pieces, but the dough was soft and the outsides were slightly crispy. The raisins were few and far between, and icing sugar dusting was tasteful! Overall a great Kaiserschmarrn experience to give my friends as a first taste.

I’d definitely recommend Zirkelwirt as a must in Salzburg, not just for Kaiserschmarrn. Check out the website here.





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